How to open the price report?

There are several ways to open the price report view for a station. These are the three most common ones.

1. From the map view

Open the price report by tapping the yellow action button on the bottom right corner. By default, it will open the report for the closest station.

If you want to open the report for some other station, tap the station flag on the map. When the flag popup is shown, the yellow action button will open the report for this station.

2. From the list view

Open the price report by long pressing the station you want to report the prices for. After a moment, the app will open the report view for this station.

3. From the station details

You can also open the price report from the station details. Tap the report prices from the bottom of the view.

How to report the prices?

The price report view contains basic info for the selected station such as station type, distance from you, station address and name. Please check that you are reporting prices for the correct station. If you are too far from the station, you cannot report the prices. In this case, the distance label has yellow background.

Reporting prices

Enter the fuel prices to the input fields. If the station doesn't have some fuel type or you don't want to report it, just leave the field empty.

Please don't enter the dot or comma to the price to separate Euros and sents. The app will put it in the correct place automatically. Just enter the numbers in the same order as in the totem.

Same prices?

If a fuel price hasn’t changed, press same button to enter the same price. The button text contains the last reported price.

Sending the report

When you are ready to send the report, tap send. The app will make various checks and requests you to verify the prices if needed.

Voice commands

You can also enter the prices by talking. Activate the speech recognition by tapping the microphone icon.
Wanted action Spoken commands
Move to the next field Pass or Next
Activate the same price as previously Same
Enter new price to the active field Numbers spoken separately, for example one two three nine

NB! When you enter the number by speech, don’t pronounce comma, dot, currency symbol or anything extra. Just pronounce the numbers one by one.

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