The original terms and conditions document is the Finnish version. The Finnish version takes precedence over the translated versions if conflicted.

Service content and terms

Fuel Fellow is network service provided by Creosys Ltd and which is used by terminals. These terms and conditions are applied to the service and the site usage. All rights to the service is owned by the service provider. User is granted a permission to use the service according to these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions give the right use the service for personal, non-commercial usage.

Read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Fuel Fellow service. If you don’t accept the terms, you cannot use the service.

Registering and removal

When registering to the service, the user must provide the information requested in the form. By registering, the user commits to provide right and valid information, and also keep the information up-to-date. If the user registers to the service using third party account (such as Facebook or Google), the user is responsible for the validity of the information of the third party account. User must have a working email address in the service, to which the service provider may send notices regarding the service. User must be over 16 years old to register to the service. Persons under 16 cannot register to the service.

User gains access to an username for using the service. The username cannot contains any insulting or criminal expressions, and it must be according to good manners in all cases. The username is public. User is responsible for actions taken with the account.

User account credentials are personal and cannot be disclosed to third parties. If the credentials are disclosed, the user must report the disclosure immediately to the service provider.

User can remove the account using the mobile app. The account removal can be requested from the service provider helpdesk too. After account removal the user cannot use the service anymore. The service provider has the right to remove an account or limit the access if the service provider has justifiable reason to expect the user to have broken the terms and conditions. The service provider has the right to remove an user if the account has not been used for a year.


The service provider follows the laws of Finland in handling of personal information. User information is saved in the Fuel Fellow user register. Full details can be found from the privacy policy. Before registering, user must read the privacy policy.

In addition to the user register, the service uses analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Fabric. These tools are used for collecting statistics and reports of the users.

The mobile apps use third party components. By using the apps, user accepts the terms of the services listed below.

Information storage and backups

The service provider makes no guarantees about information persistance and is not responsible for the possible damages caused by information change, disappearance, destruction or removal.

Responsibility of the service usage and user content

The service user is responsible for all material or information which she delivers to other users by using the service. The service provider does not moderate material or information of the service provided by users, and therefore does not take any responsibility of the content. User acknowledges that providing intentional or repeated false content is againts the terms.

Users and third parties may report inapproriate, false or illegal content to

Rights to user provided content

User guarantees she has copyright and other needed rights to the content or material she creates or publishes in the service. User guarantees that the material or content does not violate the applied laws and is not inapproriate otherwise. User acknoledges that all information created or loaded to the service may be available for other users to utilize, comment or share. Creating or loading user content user provides the service provider continuous, transferrable, non-exclusive, world wide right to change, copy, disclose, make public and publish user content and attach user content to the service without separate agreement and without separate compensation.

Changing the terms

The service provider has exclusive right to change these terms and conditions when ever. The changes are communicated separately using channels decided by the service provider. User must stop using the service if she does not accept the changed terms and policies.

Service maintenance and updates

The service provider aims to provide as reliable service as possible. Yet, the service provider does not guarantee any features or availability. The service provider aims to develop the service constantly and therefore it is possible that the service is changed. User acknowledges and accepts that the development, changing or ending of the service partly or completely is fully decided by the service provider.

Service breaks

The service provider does not take any responsibility of damages caused by technical faults, maintenance, updates, network, Internet or other possible service break causes.

Consequences of violation

The service provider has the full right to remove user immediately from the service if the user uses the service in a wrong way or causes harm to the service or the service cooperation partners.

Applied law

Finnish laws are applied to these terms and policies. Negotiations are the primary mean to resolve any disagreements of the terms and conditions. If an agreement is not reached by negotiations, conflicts will be resolved only in Finnish court of law.

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