# Station Price Updated
1St1 Borlänge Kupolen15.66013 hours ago
2St1 Frihamnen Stockholm15.68013 hours ago
3OKQ8 Borlänge Norra Backa15.78013 hours ago
4Shell Borlänge Ritarg15.83014 hours ago
5OKQ8 Borlänge Bygatan15.93016 hours ago
Average 15.776
# Station Price Updated
Average nan
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Frihamnen Stockholm16.33013 hours ago
2St1 Borlänge Kupolen16.38013 hours ago
3OKQ8 Borlänge Norra Backa16.43013 hours ago
4Shell Borlänge Ritarg16.43014 hours ago
5OKQ8 Borlänge Bygatan16.58016 hours ago
Average 16.430

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