The original privary policy is the Finnish version. The Finnish version takes precedence over the translated versions if conflicted.

1. Register owner

Creosys Oy, VAT-number: 2629599-4

2. Contact person regarding the register

Riku Pelander,

3. Register name

Fuel Fellow user register.

4. The purpose of using personal information

The register is found for making it possible to offer the service to the users. The register information is used for using the service, and maintenance, and also for customer relationship between the service provider and the user.

5. The content of the register

The register may contain information from the following groups:

  • Contact details such as name and e-mail address
  • Account details such as username, password and other unique identifier
  • Personal details such as language
  • Location details such as location coordinates
  • Behaviour details such as event and user analytics
  • Information needed to communications, and service usage information
  • Possible permission details
  • Technical details such as device and network details
6. Information sources

The information is collected from the user itself and register owner systems when user registers to the service and uses it. In addition, the information may be collected from the social media accounts that the users gives permission to.

7. Information transference

The register information may be transferred to the service provides if it’s necessary for using the service, or if the register owner is required to disclose the information to comply with the law. The register owner has the right to compose and disclose general information about the service users to third parties. The disclosed information will not contain any identifiable user information.

8. Transfer outside EU or ETA

The register information will not be transferred outside European Union or European Economic Area unless it’s required by the technical requirements. In this case, the register owner takes care of the approriate protections required by the law.

9. Security

The register is protected by technical and organisational measures. The register information is saved in servers and systems that are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other techincal measures. Access to the personal information is licensed only if necessary.

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