# Station Price Updated
1ABC S-market Kello1.51318 hours ago
2Teboil Oulu Rusko1.5392 hours ago
3Teboil Oulu Kiiminki1.53911 hours ago
4Neste Haukipudas Revontie1.54419 hours ago
5Teboil Oulu Kaakkurinhovi1.54921 hours ago
6Shell Oulu Pateniemi1.54918 hours ago
7ABC S-market Kaakkuri Oulu1.55023 hours ago
8ABC Pateniemi Oulu1.555an hour ago
9SEO Oulu Kaarnatie1.5583 hours ago
10Shell Oulu Haapalehto1.5595 hours ago
Average 1.594
# Station Price Updated
1ABC S-market Kello1.61318 hours ago
2Teboil Oulu Kiiminki1.62911 hours ago
3Teboil Oulu Rusko1.6292 hours ago
4Neste Haukipudas Revontie1.63419 hours ago
5SEO Oulu Kaarnatie1.6383 hours ago
6Teboil Oulu Kaakkurinhovi1.63921 hours ago
7ABC S-market Kaakkuri Oulu1.64023 hours ago
8ABC Pateniemi Oulu1.655an hour ago
9Neste Oulu Hiironen1.6993 hours ago
10Neste Oulu Lävistäjä1.7197 hours ago
Average 1.682
# Station Price Updated
1Neste Haukipudas Revontie1.36919 hours ago
2Shell Oulu Pateniemi1.38518 hours ago
3SEO Oulu Kaarnatie1.3883 hours ago
4Teboil Oulu Rusko1.3892 hours ago
5Teboil Oulu Kiiminki1.38911 hours ago
6ABC Pateniemi Oulu1.389an hour ago
7ABC Prisma Linnanmaa Oulu1.39619 hours ago
8ABC S-market Kello1.41418 hours ago
9St1 Oulu Limingantulli1.439right now
10Neste Oulu Lävistäjä1.4397 hours ago
Average 1.423

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