# Station Price Updated
1St1 Parkano Keskuskatu1.33914 hours ago
2Neste Parkano1.35919 hours ago
3Neste Varkaus Taipaleentie1.36913 hours ago
4St1 Tampere Hatanpää1.37310 hours ago
5Neste Pieksämäki Länsiväylä1.37415 hours ago
6Neste Tampere Hervanta Tieteenkatu1.37412 hours ago
7Neste Helsinki Sörnäinen1.37513 hours ago
8Neste Raisio Mylly Ostoskeskus1.37712 hours ago
9Neste Espoo Laajalahti1.3798 hours ago
10Teboil Lahti Paavola1.3799 hours ago
Average 1.452
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Parkano Keskuskatu1.41914 hours ago
2Neste Raisio Mylly Ostoskeskus1.43512 hours ago
3Neste Parkano1.43919 hours ago
4ABC S-market Harjavalta1.45416 hours ago
5Neste Pieksämäki Länsiväylä1.45415 hours ago
6St1 Espoo Leppävaara1.45418 hours ago
7St1 Turku Länsikeskus1.45913 hours ago
8Neste Varkaus Taipaleentie1.45913 hours ago
9St1 Pori Musa1.45914 hours ago
10ABC Prisma Mylly Raisio1.46014 hours ago
Average 1.533
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Parkano Keskuskatu1.27914 hours ago
2Shell Parkano1.29419 hours ago
3Teboil Parkano1.31119 hours ago
4St1 Tampere Hatanpää1.32210 hours ago
5St1 Tampere Lakalaiva1.32413 hours ago
6Shell Vaasa Kivihaka1.3307 hours ago
7Shell Varkaus Mäkikatu1.33913 hours ago
8Neste Varkaus Taipaleentie1.33913 hours ago
9Neste Hyvinkää Helletorpankatu1.34412 hours ago
10St1 Hyvinkää Veikkari1.34421 hours ago
Average 1.432

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