# Station Price Updated
1St1 Espoo Latokaski1.34416 hours ago
2Teboil Espoo Kiltakallio1.34423 hours ago
3Teboil Espoo Mäkkylä1.34623 hours ago
4St1 Espoo Nupuri1.346an hour ago
5Teboil Espoo Lommila1.3513 hours ago
6Neste Espoo Lommilanrinne1.3513 hours ago
7Neste Espoo Lommila1.351an hour ago
8St1 Espoo Bemböle1.35323 hours ago
9Shell Espoo Sepänkylä1.35923 hours ago
10Neste Espoo Laajalahti1.3593 hours ago
Average 1.378
# Station Price Updated
1Neste Espoo Mankki1.4195 hours ago
2Teboil Espoo Kiltakallio1.43423 hours ago
3St1 Espoo Latokaski1.43416 hours ago
4St1 Espoo Nupuri1.437an hour ago
5Neste Espoo Muurala1.4395 hours ago
6Neste Espoo Lommila1.441an hour ago
7Teboil Espoo Lommila1.4413 hours ago
8Neste Espoo Lommilanrinne1.4413 hours ago
9St1 Espoo Bemböle1.44323 hours ago
10Ysi5 Espoo Suvela1.44923 hours ago
Average 1.466
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Espoo Latokaski1.23416 hours ago
2Teboil Espoo Kiltakallio1.23423 hours ago
3Shell Espoo Sepänkylä1.23923 hours ago
4Neste Espoo Laajalahti1.23917 hours ago
5St1 Espoo Mankkaa1.244right now
6Shell Espoo Kauklahti1.24518 hours ago
7St1 Espoo Nupuri1.247an hour ago
8Ysi5 Espoo Suvela1.24923 hours ago
9Teboil Espoo Mäkkylä1.24923 hours ago
10Ysi5 Espoo Nihtisilta1.24921 hours ago
Average 1.261

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