# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Salo1.35912 hours ago
2St1 Nurmijärvi Klaukkala1.3629 hours ago
3Neste Nurmijärvi Klaukkala1.3629 hours ago
4Teboil Nurmijärvi Klaukkala Lahnuksentie1.3669 hours ago
5Shell Nurmijärvi Klaukkala1.3669 hours ago
6Teboil Riihimäki Sakonkatu1.3698 hours ago
7Teboil Kerava Jaakkola1.3696 hours ago
8Shell Kouvola Kuusankoski1.36923 hours ago
9Shell Rauma Karjalankatu1.3693 hours ago
10St1 Salo Turuntie1.36911 hours ago
Average 1.431
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Kaarina1.4497 hours ago
2Teboil Salo1.44912 hours ago
3ABC Sale Kauppalankatu Kouvola1.45015 hours ago
4Neste Nurmijärvi Klaukkala1.4529 hours ago
5Teboil Nurmijärvi Klaukkala Lahnuksentie1.4569 hours ago
6Teboil Vaasa Kupariportti1.45813 hours ago
7ABC Prisma Holma Lahti1.459right now
8St1 Kuusankoski Voikkaa1.45918 hours ago
9Teboil Salo Savipajankatu1.45912 hours ago
10Teboil Riihimäki Sakonkatu1.4598 hours ago
Average 1.517
# Station Price Updated
1ABC Prisma Länsi-Pori1.3019 hours ago
2St1 Mäntsälä Keskusta1.3028 hours ago
3St1 Mäntsälä Pohjoinen1.30216 hours ago
4Neste Kajaani Pohjolankatu1.31417 hours ago
5Shell Kiiminki Jääli1.31911 hours ago
6Shell Seinäjoki Valtionkatu1.32311 hours ago
7ABC Tikkula Pori1.32411 hours ago
8Neste Kiiminki Jääli1.32411 hours ago
9Shell Uusikaupunki1.3275 hours ago
10St1 Rovaniemi Korkalovaara1.32714 hours ago
Average 1.395

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