# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Janakkala1.4397 hours ago
2Teboil Nokia Saviselkä1.449right now
3Shell Vaasa Meijerikatu1.449an hour ago
4Teboil Salo1.45419 hours ago
5St1 Iitti Kausala1.4545 hours ago
6Neste Loviisa Saaristotie1.455an hour ago
7Neste Pertunmaa Kuortti1.459an hour ago
8Shell Laukaa Lievestuore1.4596 hours ago
9ABC Kausala1.4602 hours ago
10Neste Espoo Lommila1.460an hour ago
Average 1.533
# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Janakkala1.5297 hours ago
2Kärkkäinen Ylivieska1.53922 hours ago
3Teboil Nokia Saviselkä1.539right now
4Teboil Salo1.54419 hours ago
5St1 Iitti Kausala1.5445 hours ago
6St1 Kuopio Petonen1.54823 hours ago
7Neste Tuusula Riihikallio1.5493 hours ago
8Neste Loviisa Saaristotie1.549an hour ago
9Neste Pertunmaa Kuortti1.549an hour ago
10ABC Kausala1.5502 hours ago
Average 1.616
# Station Price Updated
1Neste Espoo Lommila1.262an hour ago
2St1 Espoo Bemböle1.2683 hours ago
3St1 Espoo Auroranportti1.2775 hours ago
4St1 Kotka Tavastila1.284right now
5Teboil Salo1.28419 hours ago
6St1 Kaarina1.286an hour ago
7Teboil Turku Hämeentie1.2878 hours ago
8Neste Turku Hämeentie1.2873 hours ago
9Kärkkäinen Ylivieska1.28922 hours ago
10Neste Vammala Itsenäisyydentie1.28920 hours ago
Average 1.354

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