# Station Price Updated
1Neste Seinäjoki Minimani1.43621 hours ago
2St1 Seinäjoki Päivölänkatu1.43921 hours ago
3St1 Seinäjoki Jouppi1.44721 hours ago
4Shell Seinäjoki Valtionkatu1.44921 hours ago
5Neste Espoo Kivenlahti Maininkitie1.4496 hours ago
6Shell Lahti Hennala1.4498 hours ago
7Teboil Inkoo Degerby1.44912 hours ago
8Shell Kempele Zeppelin1.45310 hours ago
9Teboil Forssa Keitaankatu1.4588 hours ago
10Teboil Iisalmi1.4599 hours ago
Average 1.559
# Station Price Updated
1Neste Janakkala Turenki1.46916 hours ago
2Neste Lammi1.4898 hours ago
3Neste Iisalmi Eteläntie1.5249 hours ago
4St1 Turku Kupittaa1.52421 hours ago
5Neste Seinäjoki Minimani1.52621 hours ago
6Teboil Turku Pääskyvuori1.52917 hours ago
7St1 Seinäjoki Päivölänkatu1.52921 hours ago
8ABC Kivimaa Lahti1.52913 hours ago
9Teboil Inkoo Degerby1.53912 hours ago
10ABC Auranlaakso Turku1.54114 hours ago
Average 1.644
# Station Price Updated
1Neste Seinäjoki Minimani1.31421 hours ago
2Shell Seinäjoki Valtionkatu1.31421 hours ago
3St1 Seinäjoki Päivölänkatu1.31921 hours ago
4St1 Juva Kylmäpurontie1.3286 hours ago
5ABC S-market Pattijoki Raahe1.3282 hours ago
6ABC Sale Lumijoki1.3384 hours ago
7St1 Seinäjoki Jouppi1.33921 hours ago
8Teboil Eurajoki1.3442 hours ago
9St1 Iitti Kausala1.3458 hours ago
10Teboil Ylivieska1.34914 hours ago
Average 1.431

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