# Station Price Updated
1ABC Pateniemi Oulu1.449right now
2St1 Parainen Lielahti1.4498 hours ago
3Neste Parainen Rantatie1.4497 hours ago
4Neste Haukipudas Revontie1.4498 hours ago
5St1 Oulu Limingantie1.4536 hours ago
6Teboil Kangasala Lentola1.454an hour ago
7St1 Pälkäne Onkkaalantie1.4544 hours ago
8SEO Pori Vanhakoivisto1.4584 hours ago
9Teboil Akaa Toijala1.45814 hours ago
10Shell Iisalmi Pohjolankatu1.459right now
Average 1.531
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Pälkäne Onkkaalantie1.5044 hours ago
2Neste Parainen Rantatie1.5197 hours ago
3Neste Turku Hämeentie1.5395 hours ago
4ABC Prisma Kangasala1.5397 hours ago
5Neste Haukipudas Revontie1.5398 hours ago
6ABC Auranlaakso Turku1.5418 hours ago
7St1 Oulu Limingantie1.5436 hours ago
8Teboil Kangasala Lentola1.544an hour ago
9SEO Pori Vanhakoivisto1.5484 hours ago
10Teboil Akaa Toijala1.54814 hours ago
Average 1.617
# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Rauma Papinhaka1.33418 hours ago
2Teboil Akaa Toijala1.33814 hours ago
3Teboil Rauma Sampaanala1.34416 hours ago
4Teboil Helsinki Myllypuro1.34913 hours ago
5Teboil Jyväskylä Vaajakoski1.3547 hours ago
6Shell Jyväskylä Halssila1.3547 hours ago
7Shell Espoo Sepänkylä1.3545 hours ago
8SEO Helsinki Pukinmäki1.3594 hours ago
9Shell Varkaus Relanderinkatu1.3595 hours ago
10Shell Helsinki Pukinmäki1.3594 hours ago
Average 1.427

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