# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Kangasala Lentola1.4199 hours ago
2St1 Kangasala Suorama1.42416 hours ago
3Shell Seinäjoki Valtionkatu1.42418 hours ago
4Teboil Kangasala Huutijärvi1.4247 hours ago
5St1 Hamina Poitsila1.42823 hours ago
6Shell Toijala1.43819 hours ago
7ABC S-market Pattijoki Raahe1.43811 hours ago
8Teboil Salo Savipajankatu1.43915 hours ago
9Neste Oulunsalo1.43912 hours ago
10St1 Hamina Satamakatu1.4497 hours ago
Average 1.512
# Station Price Updated
1St1 Hamina Poitsila1.47923 hours ago
2Teboil Kangasala Lentola1.4899 hours ago
3St1 Kangasala Suorama1.49216 hours ago
4Teboil Kangasala Huutijärvi1.4947 hours ago
5ABC S-market Pattijoki Raahe1.52811 hours ago
6Teboil Salo Savipajankatu1.52915 hours ago
7Neste Turku Läntinen Pitkäkatu1.5299 hours ago
8Neste Turku Hämeentie1.5297 hours ago
9Teboil Valkeakoski Apiankatu1.52919 hours ago
10St1 Littoinen1.53811 hours ago
Average 1.597
# Station Price Updated
1Teboil Kangasala Lentola1.2699 hours ago
2Teboil Kangasala Huutijärvi1.2747 hours ago
3St1 Hamina Poitsila1.27923 hours ago
4St1 Mäntsälä Keskusta1.2865 hours ago
5Shell Kouvola Kuusankoski1.29918 hours ago
6St1 Kemi Karjalahti1.30312 hours ago
7Teboil Kuusankoski Kymintehdas1.30418 hours ago
8Teboil Hämeenlinna Renko1.30423 hours ago
9Shell Kokkola Torikatu1.30818 hours ago
10Teboil Juva1.31118 hours ago
Average 1.383

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