Version history

Version 2.7

This release contains support for Android 9 Pie operating system and Apple iOS 12 operating system.

Other changes:

  • improve the on-boarding flow
  • fix minor issues
  • drop support for Android Jelly Bean and iOS 9

Version 2.6

Fuel Fellow is now available in Sweden too! The service contains about 2780 fuel stations including brands such as Börjes Tankcenter, Circle K, Ingo, Dalviks Kvarn, din-X, Green Petroleum, Gulf, Oljeshejkerna Johnsson, OKQ8, Tanka, Eon, Preem, Qstar, Bilisten, Pump, Runes Bensin, St1, Shell ja Tankvärt.

Other changes:

  • fixed a bug in the route search that resulted in some stations missing
  • increased star limits to better suit the usage (5/50/500)

Version 2.5

This release includes several changes and improvement that are invisible to the end users. The apps are now implemented with newer language versions (Swift 4.1 ja Java 8) too. The release contains several updated third party components and libraries.

Version 2.4

This release contains new introduction to the service. It will guide new users about the idea and usage of the service. In addition, the login screens are improved and unified.

Version 2.3

This release includes the renewed app brand including new icon and colors. The app is now localized in English and Swedish too. The language is chosen automatically according to the device localization settings.

Other changes:

  • add speech recognition language selection to the app settings
  • add possibility to open the price report from the list views by long pressing a station
  • increase accepted distance for price report if the station is in favorites and the account is over a week old
  • fix validation issue with empty fields in the price report
  • add support for iPad (iOS)
  • fix minor bugs

Version 2.2

The most interesting new feature in this release is the possibility to enter prices with speech. The feature is implemented using the voice recognition service offered by the operating system.

Other changes:

  • add possibility to report station closed from station details
  • fix minor bugs

Version 2.1

The most interesting new feature in this release is the improved route search. The route target can be chosen from numerous places suggested by Google. This allows you to choose very specific target instead of just a city as in previous versions.

Other changes:

  • add support for iPhone X (iOS)
  • fix random issue that occurred after backup restore (iOS)
  • fix other minor bugs

Version 2.0

The most interesting new feature in this release is the station search. The seach view can be opened from the navigation bar in the map view. Otherwise, this release contains many other improvements too.

Add search functionality:

  • by station name
  • by city
  • along a route

Several internal changes and improvements, e.g.:

  • add clustering of station flags
  • add user avatar to ranking list
  • improve price report same button
  • optimize for speed
  • adjust limit for price report
  • add support for landscape mode (iOS)

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