14 May 2018

Fuel Fellow is launched in Sweden today 14.5.2018​. The service and the apps contain about 2780 stations including brands from Börjes Tankcenter, Circle K (Ingo), Dalviks Kvarn, din-X, Green Petroleum, Gulf, Oljeshejkerna Johnsson, OKQ8 (Tanka, Eon), Preem, Qstar (Bilisten, Pump), Runes Bensin, St1, Shell and Tankvärt.

Benefits for you

Most of you are price conscious and interested in the consumption of your cars. We know that it’s impossible to decrease motoring under a certain limit while keep living reasonable. However, saving money on gas is a great way to decrease the costs.

Fuel Fellow estimates that on average you can save about 1000 Krona per year using the service. But of course the amount is personal and depends on the car and the driven kilometers.

Besides comparing the prices, you can use the app for checking the location and type of the refueling stations. For example, on a holiday trip it’s convenient to check where to have the next coffee break.

How existing users find the service?

Fuel Fellow has been operating in Finland about two years. We asked our current users how they find the service. Based on this customer survey in Finland with 2310 responses, made January 2018:

  • 90% of the users use the service at least once a month, 40% of the users use the service every week
  • only 6.5% of the users feel that they have not saved money using the service
  • 92% of the users would recommend the service to their friend

Join now!

The apps and the service are 100% free. Get the apps now from the app stores:


New translated website

Our Fuel Fellow website got new improved look this week. At the same time, we introducted English version of the site. With this change, we hope to gain more us...

13 Apr 2018

Join the community!

With 74,000+ drivers already joined, Fuel Fellow is the market leader in Finland. Download the free app and join our fast growing community of drivers - now in Sweden too!