Hi! My name is Riku. I’m the founder and developer of the Fuel Fellow service. The idea for this kind of fuel price tracking service came from my own needs. I got fed up with finding out that the next station on the road sold cheaper gas than the one I had just visited. As a passionate software developer, I decided to create Fuel Fellow as a solution to the problem.

My goal was to make the reporting of the prices convenient, even while refilling. The prices are updated to the service in real-time. Now the price comparison can be done on the road, thanks to the great apps.

I launched Fuel Fellow in Finland during the spring of 2016 using the name Tankille.

Fuel Fellow is modern fuel price tracking service. The service is used with apps on smart phones. The apps find all service and unmanned fuel stations in Finland and Sweden. The apps use the location of the phone to show the cheapest fuel prices in the neighborhood.

Fuel Fellow is a crowdsourced service. It means that the users are active and report the prices to the service. In return, they will get the prices reported by other users. This gives everyone a chance to find the best filling stations on the road. The mobile apps are free and they are available for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). App users can use the information in a convenient way and report prices in real-time.

Nowadays consumers are price conscious and interested in the consumption of their cars. It’s impossible to decrease motoring under a certain limit while keeping living reasonable. However, saving money on gas is a great way to decrease the costs. Fuel Fellow estimates that on average a driver can save about 100 € per year using the service. But of course the amount is personal and depends on the car and the driven kilometers.

Besides comparing the prices, the apps can be used for checking the location and type of the refueling stations. For example, on holiday trip it’s convenient to check where to have the next coffee break.

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