Find the best fuel prices

Fuel Fellow is a crowdsourced service that helps you find the cheapest gasoline, diesel and other fuels nearby. Prices are reported by other community members just like you.

Location aware

By using the location of your phone, the app finds you the best fuel deals nearby.

Extensive search

Enter the destination and get fuel stations along the route, or search by city or station name.

Favorite stations

Have your best stations marked as favorites to keep track of them fast and easy.

Reporting by speech

Enter fuel prices by talking. The voice recognition allows you to enter prices without touching the keyboard!

Navigate to target

Launch navigation app straight to the target station. Get the best route to your destination.

Get credit

Each price report gives you virtual points and rewards you for the effort. Climb up the ladders in the ranking list!

Make refuelling great again

Now it's great time to join the active community of fellow drivers. Fuel Fellow enables the community to flourish!

Find the best prices

Find filling stations and the community reported fuel prices in real-time by using the app. Comparing the stations and prices is easy and simple.

Save money on fuel

The app will find you the best fuel prices based on your location or search results. Navigate to the best station and save money when refuelling!

Help other drivers

Helping others helps your too. By reporting prices to the service, you help the fellow drivers. In return, you will get the price data that others have reported.

Trusted by 86,000+ members

"Works really very well, easy to use and identifies nearest fuel stations and also the prices, which enables me to choose the cheapest price if they are nearby."

Varaloba One

"Loistava apu Todella käytännöllinen ja sitäkin hyödyllisempi sovellus paljon autoilevalle! Sovellus itsessään on jo vakuuttava johtuen sulavasta toiminnastaan myös vanhemmilla laitteilla. Hintojen selaaminen kartalta ja listalta on sujuvaa. Loistava sovellus, suosittelen lämpimästi!"


"Hintojen syöttäminen noin 100 kertaa helpompaa ja nopeampaa kuin kilpailevilla hintapalveluilla. Kehitetty selvästi nykyteknologioilla toimivaksi."

Topi Viljanen

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"Fuel Fellow is awesome service that helps me save money every week by showing where to refill."

- Raine, Helsinki -

News & Updates

What's new

Version 2.8

New tools for finding cheaper prices! This release contains two new filters that help you find the cheapest stations: Hiding stations that have price that is over the ar... Read more


New translated website

Our Fuel Fellow website got new improved look this week. At the same time, we introducted English version of the site. With this change, we hope to gain more users from t... Read more